Do your products contain Isopropyl Alcohol?

A very small amount of Isopropyl Alcohol is present as a solvent in one of our key conditioning agents called “Behentrimonium Chloride” which is awesome for curly girls – it gives slip that prevents tangling, it makes hair soft and shiny and we love this ingredient. Because the alcohol is merely a solvent, the majority of it flushes out during processing. By the time the products are made and bottled, it is present at a low, insignificant level, and does not contribute to hair dryness – nor decrease the moisturization and de-frizzing properties of the products. The labeling rules require us to disclose all ingredients and we know that other companies may list Behentrimonium Chloride without mentioning Isopropyl Alcohol – but we are transparent! This ingredient is present in our No Lather Cleanser, Daily Cream Conditioner and Divine Treatment. We know you are going to love AAC products and they will not feel drying on your hair.